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Message from the MD

Centuryan started from scratch in 1985 in Hong Kong and had a change of management under my leadership in 1988. I bought out the business from the UK OCS Group in 1995. Now, the company is proud to be one of the leading service providers in the environmental industry today.

It is the people in our business, both the customers and staff, who have contributed the most to our achievements and overall success. Staff involved at all levels in our company have played a vital part in our striving to take on new challenges and fresh opportunities in the course of our expansion. We never forget the incredible support we continue to enjoy from all our customers. Teamwork and partnership are keys to our relationship with both our customers and employees. We firmly believe our mission is to deliver unrivalled satisfaction to customers.


Looking forward, our aim is, as ever, to further develop Centuryan as the most caring and sustainable environmental service provider in town, based on customer satisfaction and service excellence, whilst providing interesting and rewarding career paths for our staff.


We always have pride, passion and faith in working with all the people in our business and will continue our unique corporate culture with confidence to achieve our goals.


Catherine Yan
 Sep 2023